Green ADC

Our Recycling efforts...

Anaheim Door continues to be environmentally friendly through our recycling efforts.  We consistently look for areas to help the environment dramatically reducing the waste going to the landfills by recycling old garage doors, cardboard, steel and aluminum.

Flat bed trailers are frequently loaded with one-piece doors to be reused in construction

Old one-piece garage doors

Anaheim Door generates a lot of old wooden one-piece garage doors upon installing your new sectional garage door.  Rather than filling up our local landfills by hauling the old one-piece doors to the dump, we have arranged to have the doors hauled away where they can be reused in construction.  A semi-trailer comes to Anaheim Door on a regular basis and the wooden one-piece doors are loaded onto the trailer for recycling.  Old metal doors are recycled with our steel and aluminum containers as appropriate.

Cardboard packaging is collected and taken to local recycling centers


21 million tons of paper are thrown away every year by US business which is the equivalent to 175 pounds per office worker.  At Anaheim Door, we understand how these cardboard materials generate very rapidly.  Many sections and other materials are wrapped in protective cardboard boxes.  This cardboard is gathered and periodically taken to the recycling center.

Steel and aluminum waste is collected and taken to recycling centers

Steel Hardware and Materials

In addition to the one-piece doors, a lot of hardware and other materials made of steel are generated in the replacement of your garage door.  These steel materials are consolidated in a container.  Once full, the container is picked up and taken to the local recycling center.  Simply recycling these steel materials keeps an average of over 50 tons of steel from entering our landfills every year.